"As a French Studies graduate (whom I had the privilege of teaching), Claire is acutely aware of how stammering influences every aspect of how we are able to communicate and behave orally, including across cultures. In addition, University life is precisely a time of intense discursive interaction. This excellent initiative rightly looks to gain the same recognition and help for stammerers that exists for those disadvantaged by dyslexia. Given its focus on both [...] performance and wellbeing, I hope that every university can become a partner in this important project."


Professor Seán Hand, Dean of the Warwick in California Project Graduate School, University of Warwick UK




“University can be an exciting and liberating time for people, but it can also be intimidating and frightening if you have specific access needs. This project seeks to go a long way in helping students with stammers to get the best of their educational experience – both in the classroom and outside of it. I look forward to seeing how this project develops and the difference it can make to students lives and their campuses.”


Colum McGuire, Vice President of Welfare & Student Rights at the National Union of Students (NUS)




"Stammering is a very significant issue in Higher Education for students and staff, yet goes largely unrecognised. While difficulties with the written word are addressed through policies dealing with dyslexia, the problem of stammering for staff and students, in an environment where oral communication is vitally important, does not receive the same attention. The Stammerers Through University Campaign is attempting to raise the profile of stammering and stammering in universities and to support staff and students who stammer. Claire is to be greatly congratulated for the work that she is doing."


Professor Mike Neary, Dean of Teaching & Learning, University of Lincoln




"I very much enjoyed attending the focus group organised by Claire at the University of Warwick recently, and am delighted to express my support Claire’s hugely important work in this area, which is based on sound and sensitive principles of research. As a lecturer who has a stammer myself, I can see how valuable Claire’s work is, and how beneficial this initiative will be in the future for many students."


Dr. Gerard Sharpling, Senior Teaching Fellow, Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick




"We congratulate Claire on setting up this resource which we will continue to refer to when we get enquiries on stammering to our disabled student helpline. We encourage universities to take up the opportunity to host a focus group and become partners on this initiative."


Tony Stevens, Project Lead: Education and Careers, Disability Rights UK